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Scott Romero, Local Sales Manager
(520) 407-4522

Linda Diana, Senior Account Executive

Kelli Zespy, Senior Account Executive

Trevor Tanzillo, Account Executive

James Taylor, Account Executive

Rik Medran, Account Executive

KLPX is Tucson’s heritage Classic Rock Station for over 36 years, reaching the mass 25-54 year old adult market. Here’s a snapshot of whom you will be talking to when you air your message on KLPX:
57.1% (55,000) own their own home
46.4% (45,100) are white-collar workers
53.4% (51,900) earn $50k+ annually
77.4% (75,100) are 25-54 year old adults
66.4% (64,500) attended received a college degree
*Sources: Scarborough Qualitative February 2013 – January 2014, Arbitron – Winter 2014