Vocals: Marcus
Guitars: Razor
Guitars: Mullet
Bass: Corey
Drums: Randall

Band-X was forged from the idea that a band could be formed utilizing talent from within 96.1 KLPX. Upon beginning rehearsals, Razor, Mullet, Corey and Randall (All radio-personalities) immediately realized they needed a lead-vocalist. So KLPX conducted an on-air city-wide search to find the Ultimate Vocalist. When the competition was all said and done, one clear winner was standing. Enter, Marcus. The 5-piece was complete! Now, the band is rapidly gaining a name and reputation as a solid unit in and around Southern AZ. Says bassist Corey, “It’s an honor and pleasure, with our Tucson musician twist, to bring some of the KLPX Classic Rock music library live on the road to entertain at events around Arizona. And we’re havin’ a blast doing it!”