Thursday 1/30/14
Met with the Doctors and Assistants today at Tucson Medical Weight Loss. They weighed me, and took a photo. Ugh.. 284 pounds. Not happy with that number, but that is why I am here! Sat down with them, and they wen to ever the whole protocol for the diet they are putting me on. I am going to do the HCG Diet. They explained to me that it is NOT the 500 calorie diet. It is catered to my needs. Lots of Protein and vegetables, and NO SUGAR. That is gonna be hard. I love sugar and soda.. that is part of my problem. They told to start taking the HCG tomorrow and Saturday and to also load up on carbs and food! Seems to be against the logic in my brain, but they are the experts. Apparently it helps the Hormone get into my system before I start the real diet on Sunday.


Saturday 2/01/14
Been taking the HCG Pills 12 hours a part. I have been gorging myself. It's kind of like saying goodbye to my old unhealthy bad habits! I am so stuffed now, and literally feel gross. I am actually looking forward to eating healthy now.


Sunday 2/2/14
Just started the Diet today prescribed by Tucson Medical Weight Loss. I went shopping yesterday, and bought all the foods they prescribed on the diet. When you add up the pricing, its actually cheaper than eating Fast Food all the time. I have to admit, I have been the type of guy who would either go to the store and buy my lunch and dinner for that day, and usually not make the best nutritional decisions. I actually planned all my meals for the week ahead, and I have to say I am quite proud of myself.


Tuesday 2/04/14
Been on the prescribed HCG Diet for a few days now. That Vitamin B-12 shot they gave me had to have helped. I have had no headaches withdrawing from the sugar. I have been eating natural sugars like Strawberries and Apples, and a few days later they actually taste way better. My taste buds must be adjusting. I normally would skip breakfast and lunch, and eat a really huge meal at night. I would suck down sodas during the day to keep my energy up! I am finding that the diet Tucson Medical Weight Loss gave me is having me eat four times a day, and that it is actually filing me. I am finding myself very satisfied at the end of the day! I feel full, but not stuffed eating the protein and vegetables.


Wednesday 2/05/14
I have been drinking so much water that I have been going to the restroom like crazy. I feel like I am cleansing out the unhealthy stuff I had been putting in my body. I still feel energetic, and I have noticed the pants are feeling a bit looser today when I got dressed.


Friday 2/07/14
I weighed myself this morning. Last week, before I went to Tucson Medical Weight Loss, the scale said 284 pounds. Today it said 273!!! It's coming off just like they said! I am very happy with that. I am heading down after work to get my Vitamin B-12 Shot! I can't wait to see even more weight come off! The funny part is I haven't taken my morning walk this week. I wonder how much more will come off when I add some light exercise!


Friday 2/14/14
I met with Dr. Bentz this morning, and she took the time to answer all my questions about the diet, and told me what to expect in the weeks ahead. She made me feel real comfortable, and told me I am right on track weight loss wise because I have been following their program to the tee.

I have been using a lot of Walden Farms Products that TMWL told me about. They have dressings, barbecue sauce and even ketchup. At first taste, they taste just OK, but when you actually use them on the meat, and salads, they taste like the real thing. Dr, Bentz even told me that they had a no calorie, no sugar chocolate sauce that I can use to dip the strawberries into.

Heading into my second weekend on the diet Tucson Medical Weight Loss prescribed me. Feeling pretty good as I can see the minus 20 pound mark just around the corner. I have been doing morning walks, on top of the diet. And they have been getting easier as the weight comes off.


Monday 2/17/14
I got on my scale this morning. I started this journey at 284 pounds. Today the scale said 264. I feel pretty good, and this is giving me even more motivation to keep going. I have never lost weight so fast. My next goal is 244!!! Onward I go!


Thursday 2/20/14
Got up this morning, and the scale weighed me in at 262. Feeling pretty good. I am feeling lighter. Gonna have some swordfish for dinner tonight with grilled asparagus. The food I am eating is delicious, and surprisingly filling. My body is retraining myslef not to eat huge portions, and I am enjoying the fruits. I was never a big fan of apples and or strawberries. Since I started the diet, and eliminated all the processed carbs and sugars, those fruits actually taste sweeter to me.


Friday 2/21/14
It's the first time I have weighed myself and haven't lost weight. They said to expect that about three weeks in as my body adjusts.


Monday 2/24/14
Well, the scale has not budged in a few days. I got a little worried, than called Tucson Medical Weight Loss, and they told me that is natural,and to hold steady to the plan! Which I did over the weekend. I went to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. I packed my lunch and dinner per the diet, and managed to get through the day without buying any of their high calorie food items. I did manage to buy an apple while I was there, and it was delicious.


Wednesday 2/26/14
I am almost done with my first round of HCG, and I got up this morning, and my scale said 259. The scale has sat stagnant for a few days, and I got to admit, it made me a bit nervous wondering if I was doing anything wrong. The Doctors at TMWL told me to keep on the plan, and that I was still losing inches. Turns out I was. I have been getting into shirts that I have not worn in a very long time, and they don't look too small on me.


Thursday 3/6/14
Been on the RM3 Program a week now. It's a lot like the HCG program as far as diet is concerned, so no real change as far as that is concerned. Still dropping the weight, albeit a bit slower, cause my body is starting to plateau more. My Doctor at TMWL told me that is completely normal though at this stage. Gave me some encouragement, and I am still going strong. The best part of the diet right now is I am not craving sweets and carbs anymore. And I am getting full and staying full on this diet.


Monday 3/10/14
Got up this morning and weighed myself. I weigh 251 pounds now. I am officially down 33 pounds since I started the diet program with TMWL. Feeling pretty good about that.


Tuesday 3/11/14
I can tell I am losing weight by the way the clothing is starting to fit looser, and I feel more spry. Two of my coworkers came up to me today out of the blue telling me they can see the weight loss in a big way. That is a good feeling because when you see yourself in the mirror everyday you don't notice the change in yourself as much as someone who hasn't seen you in a couple weeks. This new RM3 Weight Loss Medication is working pretty well. I feel energetic still, and seriously I never feel starved!

RM3 is working as good if not better than the HCG Program I was on the first month.


Tuesday 3/18/14
Pants are starting to fit looser. And I am getting more comments asking if I have lost weight. Other than the clothes fitting looser, it is hard to gauge losing weight in the mirror. I see myself in the mirror every day, so its hard to see the changes myself.


Monday 3/24/14
Got on the scale on Saturday and I had lost a total of 40 pounds. I am halfway to my goal. The RM3 is definitely working. I am doing some walking and some light weight workouts! I am amazed on how many clothes I seem to have in my closet now! I am wearing shirts, shorts and pants that I have not been able to fit into in forever.


Wednesday 3/26/14
I DJ'd a wedding for a friend the week before I started the Tucson Medical Weight Loss Diet. Some photos were taken, and the couple sent me some of the photos. WOW. You don't realize how big you were/are until you see a picture of yourself 40 pounds heavier. I can totally see the difference. I am excited to see what I will look like when I hit my goal and lose the next 40 pounds.

Monday 4/7/14
I haven't written in quite awhile, but the weight is still coming off. I have now lost around 46 pounds. It has slowed down a bit, as my body stair-steps the weight loss.


Saturday 4/12/14
Hit a plateau the last few days. This morning though, I dropped 3 pounds all of a sudden. I walked by a mirror last night, and the reflection surprised me. I looked healthier, and I could see the difference. It feels great.


Tuesday 4/15/14
Visited my relatives in Phoenix over the weekend. They were all happily surprised by the weight loss. My Mother told me it has made me look younger.


Thursday 4/24/14
I woke up this morning, and got on the scale! 224 pounds! I started at 284. I now weigh 60 pounds less. I saw the Doctor at TMWL on my way to work, and they told me that I will do one more round of RM3, and I should be at my goal weight by the end of May, and then I transition to maintenance.






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