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I’m a life-long rocker who grew up wanting to entertain. As a young kid, I would make my own “radio shows” using a cassette recorder and a turntable. My teen years were spent learning to play guitar and studying the liner notes of every album I bought, as well as, the pages of Circus, Creem and Hit Parader Magazines. My goal was always to work alongside the bands I loved, so, I moved to L.A. when I was 20 and lived the Sunset Strip scene of the 80s. I eventually went to broadcasting school and ended up at one of the world’s most recognized radio stations. I spent 6 years at that station then headed to Miami for a dozen years, where I rocked ’em like a hurricane. Somehow I ended up back home and working for the station that started it all for me. Quite simply, the bands you hear on KLPX are in my blood.

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