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Workday Roll Call

96.1 KLPX appreciates that you listen to us at home, on the road, during your weekend errands, and especially at work. So whether you make your living working on a job site, in a delivery truck, in your car, at your store, and in your office, we want to thank you and your co-workers for listening to ‘Tucson’s Classic Rock Playlist” at 96.1 KLPX or your favorite device streaming us at

We want to do a Workday Roll Call, no matter what day of the week or time of day it is.

Get us your name, Employer, and part of town you work in, and we’ll give you and your job a Workday Roll Call on the air thanking you for listening to 96.1 KLPX.    You can also fill out the form below if you walk into a store, and notice they are listening to 96.1 KLPX.  We’ll thank you for pointing it out to us, and thank the local business you walked into.

Fill out the questionnaire below and let us know if your working there or a customer.

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