KLPX Museum

Courtesy of the Tucson Citizen

From Rob Cook, weekend DJ 1984-1987
and our awesome Traffic Assistant

“I loved being a part of KLPX. Tucson was a wonderful place to grow up in the 60’s and 70’s and work in radio in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I still love Tucson and snowbird in Old Pueblo each year. I used to DJ overnights (and weekends) with Brent Cooper and the “All Night Rock Asylum” in the mid 80’s. Jack Green was on evenings before me and Rick Allen and Mike Rapp in the AM’s followed me. Margie Wrye did mid-days and Arin Michaels (PD) afternoons. We had kickass concerts and promotions back then, and a pretty damned good softball team in the RAT league, and it was a wonderful time to be alive and work in Tucson in the radio industry. Cheers to all!”

“I lived with my grandmother in 1979 at age 17 here in Tucson. Well my grandmother phone number was 1 number different than the stations. We got a lot of wrong number calls for song requests! A lot. Thank God grandma was deaf as a post so the late ones never bothered her. I had some really weird conversations back then with wrong number listeners.”

“Bumper stickers I collected as a young rocker, put them on my laundry hamper. I remember listening to the station every day and having my cassette on Standby ready to record any of my favorite jams! Thanks for the memories and always being #1 preset in my car.”

“July 4th 1980 something, my dad Craig doing burnouts for me while I sport a KLPX sticker on my back.”

“The day that Judas Priest doing the Epitaph Tour. I had been wishing the concert was in the budget when I found out they were coming to AVA. I had been listening all day to 96.1 and you were doing blocks of them all day. I told my wife that I hadn’t seen them in 30 years and it would be great but we didn’t have enough money to go. She surprised me by saying she had been saving for a while, but we could go, and that she had the money needed for the concert with money left to get two beers and a shirt. She and I also saw Alice Cooper years ago during an X-Fest at Marana Sports Park. We have seen several other X-Fests just can’t recall at the moment. Thank you for what you do. Keep on ROCKING.”

“I went to the Styx concert recently and the prize van was out of swag. When they found out I have been listening to KLPX since it first aired 40 years ago, one of them went in the van and got me a banner. This is the second time I have had a banner. My radio is on 96.1 KLPX 24/7. I have a good rep with Beth we met 3 years ago on the phone I don’t miss her show at all daily. I love the Frank Show. and the musicgrill, Saturday night loud, Alice Cooper at nights. I remember when Mark and Brian from KLOS in LA did the morning show as well years ago. Keep on ROCKING.”

“I remember listening to the first day of KLPX. Previously we had KWFM, a great variety was heard there, but their format wasn’t all rock. KTKT was rocking the Top 40 on AM but KLPX burst onto the market and blew us all away. Thanks for the memories! Happy 40th! Rock on!”

“The day we decided to visit the station on the old Copper Road, after a great dinner the night before with management, we sat at the gates in the car and looked at that old tired building thinking, do we really want to do this? We did, best decision ever. So many great memories, great people we worked with, great listeners and friends we met. KLPX will always hold a special place in my heart.”
-Former Morning Show Host Andy Taylor

“It was 1984-1985 and your music kept us going while we were building a house off Catalina highway. Still rock out with you guys to this day!”

“I have been there since the beginning of “96 Rock”, I have vivid memories through out the years. A couple that stand out to me personally are the GREAT music that was played back in the 80’s a lot of which you guys don’t play anymore, which is sad, but anyway, I remember entering into contest that KLPX ran,…for instance an air guitar contest in 81 or 82, Rick Allen and Mike Rapp hosted them,..I became one of the 12 finalist in that period,…also back in 88 or 89 I entered a contest called D.J. for a day, which I was elected to be a part of,…I was the 3rd contestant to broadcast which was very cool!!! I had my Radio clock all made up and brought my own tunes to spin. I was picked up in a Limo …taken to the Station ,..did my Gig,..taken out to dinner and then Home. What a great time. I have won many of phone – in contests shows, concerts,..and got to know personally many of the old DJ’s,…I really miss Margie Rye,..God rest her soul !.. I would like to see a , “Back To The 80’s” show make a comeback to you guys,..there’s a local market for it. I have been and always will be a fan!”

“I remember rocking out with my brother and dad from the 80s. Good times!”

“I dug through all my stuff and the only thing I came up with was two ticket stubs Heart & George Thorogood. The first song you guys played (I think) was Grand Funks American Band. On July 4. The one person you should not forget about is Margie Rye. She worked at KWFM in the last part of their great hey days then jumped ship over to KLPX. Did a shift with Dave Pratt up in Phoenix KUPD. She is no longer with us. Margie was a driving force back in the 80’s with KLPX. I was fortunate to have live the rise and fall of KWFM then been around to enjoy KLPX’s early days. Now I am just an old guy living a quiet retirement.”

“Remember the day, the moment klpx went on the air. Standing in a parking lot with a bf and crowds waiting for fireworks. I was 19. Student at UA. Won meet and greet with Ian Anderson, he was dressed like an attorney. Pictures some where. I’ll look. Much more….”

“I came to Tucson in 1980 and immediately started listening to 96 Rock. I attended a show sponsored by 96 at the time, in Old Tucson, I believe around 1985. I got this T shirt before the show and managed to get Eddie Money to autograph it. I tried without success to get him to sign it again this past year but it wasn’t in the cards. The shirt has never been worn and is stored in plastic. You Rock 96!”