KLPX Sunday Mornings


Serving the Tucson community, these programs air weekly:

6:00 – Radio Health Journal

7:00 – Lifestyle Tucson

7:30 – Profiles in Business

Radio Health Journal is an energetic, entertaining, highly-produced, contemporary radio magazine with two major stories weekly. Each week, Radio Health Journal features interviews with guests that have expertise and real-word experience regarding current issues in health and medicine. To learn more about Radio Health Journal, click here.

Lifestyle Tucson is a public affairs program from Arizona Lotus Corp. that airs every Sunday morning. The show has various topics that reflect the interests relevant to the Tucson community. The program features guests from the community, mostly from non-profit organizations with tax exempt status. Some programs cover local events of public interest as they pertain to the Tucson and Southern Arizona communities.

Mike Rapp is a LOOONG time Tucson radio personality, family man and Wildcat alum. He’s reported on life in Tucson via public affairs programming for decades and enjoys sharing the latest community issue and events.

For inquiries on Public Service Announcements and opportunities to be a guest on LifeStyle Tucson, contact Mike at:
Public Affairs/PSA
Arizona Lotus Corp


Profiles in Business features Tucson Metro Chamber President & CEO Amber Smith as she interviews a different business or civic leader every Sunday morning. Amber’s guests are the executive leaders who are making a difference in our community. You’ll learn about their companies and organizations, their industries and what they do to create jobs and make Southern Arizona a better place to live.