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Serving the greater Tucson community every Sunday morning: 

6:30 am – Radio Health Journal

7:00 am – Lifestyle Tucson with Frank Powers

7:30 am – The Business of…

Radio Health Journal is a contemporary radio magazine covering two major health stories per week. Radio Health Journal interviews expert guests with real-word experience regarding current health issues and medicine. To learn more about Radio Health Journal, click here.

Lifestyle Tucson with Frank Powers is a public affairs program from Arizona Lotus Corp. Hosted by Director of Public Affairs, Frank Powers, it’s the program where we speak to our neighbors, the people behind the scenes of our amazing organizations, small businesses and nonprofits. Our friends are informing you how they serve our community and they are here to give you updates on events and projects. Make some new friends today, on Lifestyle Tucson. For opportunities to be a guest on the show, email

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“The Business Of” is the Tucson Metro Chamber’s insightful journey into the Old Pueblo’s vibrant business landscape.

Connect with the trailblazersadvocates, and experts who are shaping Tucson’s future. Unfiltered discussions and real-world experiences will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to thrive in this dynamic community with the region’s champion for business, The Tucson Metro Chamber.

Ditch the information overload and discover:

  • In-depth conversations on public policy and its real-world implications for businesses
  • Compelling perspectives from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders, offering actionable insights
  • Unveiling the realities of owning and operating a business in Tucson, from challenges to triumphs
  • Practical strategies and knowledge to fuel your success, propelling you forward in the heart of Arizona

The Business Of is where clarity meets expertise. Don’t miss your weekly dose of essential information to navigate Tucson’s exciting business scene. Tune in every Sunday and be part of the conversation!

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