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Rob Hill is a Midwestern boy from Wisconsin who continues to consume cheese even though he’s lactose intolerant. He never figured out how to ski or shovel snow so he figured Arizona was a good fit for him.

After the move he started in radio as an intern because why get paid when you can earn school credit? Eventually he impressed enough people they let him become a Producer for a local AC morning show. They called him 9 1/2 because he doesn’t like whole numbers. After his morning show stint he continued smooth talking his way filling in nights and weekends before he called it quits.

Rob eventually made his way back to radio after a 10 year hiatus. He found out he’d rather take orders than give them after working in management and he missed broadcasting.

In his spare time Rob plays guitar and sings around the local music scene. When he golfs he looks the part but doesn’t play it as well. He also enjoys losing his voice when he attends concerts and sporting events.

Even though Rob listens to most genres of music, Rock is his go too since he first heard his dad play guitar and drop the needle on his vinyl.

Whether it’s a phone call or in person? Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with him because he loves to hear himself talk and you!

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